The condition within Africa can only allow youth to be by standard, if policies and regulations supporting the same are implemented to the latter.

Today, Kisumu Africities 9 / Africités 9 Summit Pre-Youth Forum held at Rotary Innovation Center РKisumu, saw several actors air views around benefits of Africities Summit in Kisumu to the youth. Key speeches:

“You are not supposed to plead so that another person can lead,” Musa Naviye – Media Personality – DSW,

“Urbanization is key to population, to support quality life,” Bernard Kigen – Regional Director NCPD.

“How can we meaningfully participate in elections without being involved in other malpractice?” Rosemary Migiro – Plan International.

It is evident that Africities Summit celebration in Kisumu County is a game changer to expose Kisumu to the world for more investment opportunities, to be accessed by the youth. 17th – 21st May marks the days for the main event in the County.