Entrepreneurship and Skills Development

SRI acknowledges education as the most important tool for transforming societies. Within the rural setting in our operations, there are many families facing challenges to education such as lack of school fees or inaccessibility to affordable, quality education. Coupled with that is a high turnover of youthful school leavers and dropouts with no tangible life skills to sustain them in order that they can be productive members of society. This has often led to challenges in young people resorting to crime or alcohol and substance abuse, making them become a burden to society. 

 Education support

We support our eight partner schools through;

  • Strengthen teaching and learnings, school leadership and management .
  • Equipment and facilities.
  • Scholarships and bursaries for needy students.
  • Community dialogues and other school projects .
  • Integrating ICTs in Education
  • Learning through Play 
  • Community library