Sustainable Rural Initiatives (SRI) is a nonprofit making, non-governmental organization operating in Western Kenya. SRI is a visionary organization working to improve the quality of life for rural communities. We use an integrated approach to poverty eradication that enables us to impact on different sectors and peoples in the rural communities. This is based on the understanding that addressing rural poverty requires a multidimensional approach. We do this by leveraging our collective talents, resources, knowledge, capacities and networks to encourage societal transformations. We specifically work with rural community groups to unveil and support them to benefit from the potentials and opportunities amidst them. We thus implement our innovative activities in collaboration with local communities, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), local institutions and international partners. We mainly rely on knowledge exchanges, innovations and partnerships to transform rural societies in western Kenya. SRI headquarters are in Okana next to Kisumu town.


To contribute to social transformations in rural villages in Western Kenya by investing in, supporting, connecting and celebrating community groups, social entrepreneurs and innovators who help solve chronic and pressing challenges.


To inspire rural communities to take their future in their hands to enable them access the critical goods and services they need so that they can make choices for themselves and realize their own human potential.


Our  Vision is of sustainable world devoid of poverty and suffering but with new possibilities and opportunities arising from local potential, partnerships and Knowledge application to local challenges.


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