Resource Center

SRI Resource Centre

Our award winning Resource Center is uniquely designed with a focus on sustainability. It is constructed with bamboo as the main material. This was a collaborative project between SRI and TU Delft students Laura and Ellen.
The design for the pavilion structure is inspired by the local Acacia Tree, where people like to gather thanks to being protected from the sun and rain. By modifying the principle for a reciprocal roof by Leonardo da Vinci, the culture of the community is translated into an architectural roofscape resulting in a prototype building principle.
The Resource Centre has received numerous awards internationally. You can find more information at Okana Centre for Change and Pavilions for Okana.

SRI Resource Center consists of:

  • Library
  • Tailoring unit
  • Offices
  • ICT unit
  • Community Space
  • Cafeteria

These rooms were constructed in two phases. The first phase consisted of the offices, the tailoring and ICT units. 2 more pavilions formed the second phase. These are the bakery and cafeteria. The construction of the second phase began in earnest on October 2017 all through Decembert 2017. The building is uniquely designed using bamboo and bricks.