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SRI has opportunities for local and international volunteers focused on areas of need within our program and activity areas.  We accept local and international volunteers including students, youths, womenand retired experts with skills and expertise that would be useful to our organization.

Interns are usually students who have just completed their college training and would like to gain some work experience from our organization.

We also have some few opportunities for students attachment especially for college students.

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Previous Volunteers

Below are some of the previous volunteers and interns who have been at SRI.

  • Mr. Eugene is attached to the Agriculture & Environment, Youth in Action, Research and Extension services units of SRI as a volunteer. He’s a holder of a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies (community development) from Pwani University. Since his graduation, he has served in both government and NGO sectors in different capacities. At the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, he served as a social service volunteer in 2019. In 2021. Before joining SRI, he had also served as a validation officer for three months at Apollo Agriculture.

  • Miss. Elector Omollo is a holder of a certificate in Social Work and Community Development. She is serving SRI as a volunteer under the Youth in Action program. She has served at Kisumu County Hospital as an attaché in the Department of Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC).

  • Luker Peters, Josephine Rots, Julius Vanberber, and Charlie Roelse, students from TU Delft University visited SRI from November 2016 to January 2017. They worked with SRI on exploring the possibilities and viability of income generation projects linked to the SRI Resource Center. The outcome of their internship was a useful report with practical steps that enabled SRI to operationalize the cafeteria and bakery that was established as part of the resource center. They also initiated the chicken project by building a kitchen run which has enabled SRI to introduce an organic chicken project.

  • Job, a student volunteer says “The SRI team has been so good and everyone around makes life so lively. I have enjoyed my stay, especially on the construction site where I learned a lot about the culture of the locals with whom I worked.” Jackson too had this to say. “I loved the time I spent volunteering at SRI. I have always dreamt about giving back to the community, something I feel I have achieved here since the resource center we have left behind will surely positively change someone’s life. Thank you to the SRI family.” SRI is grateful for the support of the volunteers and wishes them the best in their future endeavors. We hope that we shall have more partnerships in the future.

  • Reiner, a student from the University of Twente, Netherlands, stayed in SRI from October 2016 to January 2017. Reiner was involved in several activities at SRI including researching the possibilities of enhancing internet connectivity at SRI especially to support the activities of the SRI Resource Centre. He was also supported in the coordination of building and construction between the volunteers and the managing some of the funds funds. His research explored the impacts of international student volunteering on local communities.

  • Lieke volunteered at SRI and has been involved in multiple activities. She has been taking responsibility for the completion of the chicken run. She has also managed the production of school uniforms to promote our tailoring production at the neighboring primary schools. An important aspect of her stay is the evaluation of the recent activities and contributing to the design of plans for income-generating activities. Agriculture and Environment – make a bullet point for the Chicken Run in future time.

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