About Us

Sustainable Rural Initiatives (SRI) was established in 2013, as a visionary non-governmental organization driven by the goal to positively transform the livelihoods of rural communities. SRI focuses its activities in Okana community in Kisumu County of Western Kenya. SRI works with stakeholders in Okana community to develop capacities that enables them take their future in their hands, utilize the opportunities amongst them and realize their full potentials.

Our theory of change adopts an integrated approach to community development. We believe that rural communities face myriad challenges that cannot be addressed through a single approach or intervention. We focus our activities and programs on (i) Agriculture and Environment (link), (ii) Education, Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, (iii) Community Health and, (iv) Youth in Action. 

Through these focus areas, we are thus committed to creating a brighter future and meaningful change for underserved rural societies. We do this by leveraging our collective talents, resources, knowledge, capacities and networks to encourage societal transformations.

SRI focuses on supporting community groups to benefit from their potentials and opportunities amidst them. We thus implement our innovative activities in collaboration with local community organizations, and with local and international partners. We mainly rely on knowledge exchanges, innovations and partnerships to transform rural societies.

Our Vision is a sustainable world with new possibilities and opportunities arising from local initiatives, potential, partnerships, and knowledge application.

Our Mission is to transform rural communities to enable them have better livelihoods and solve their chronic and pressing challenges.

Motto Together for better! 

Core Values: Inclusivity, Innovation, Transparency and Accountability, Partnerships, and Teamwork.