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What We Do

Sustainable Rural Initiatives engages key stakeholders in various projects to ensure we deliver the promise of equipping vulnerable children with the necessary tools and resources to ensure they achieve their dreams.

Agriculture & Environment

Majority of Kenyans live in poor rural areas. Poverty and lack of access to food and nutrition is a major challenge to many in these villages. Most of the rural families own small pieces of land which can however be used for food production, thus our focus on sustainable small scale agriculture. We thus promote simple and effective yet proven techniques for small scale agriculture. We undertake training through workshops and seminars to share experiences, technologies and new methods of farming and products with farmers.We also support farmers to form groups through which they can market their products and address their challenges. In all these, we prompt self-sustaining systems. Future sustainability in agriculture, food security and general livelihoods relies significantly on environmental conservation and sustainability. Thus in addition to training in food production, we also train farmers in environmental protection by also using environmentally friendly agricultural methods and adopting a community approach to environmental conservation.

Community Health

The health is one of the very basics needed in life. People should be able to get help in a short period of time if an accident happens, but also the very basics of having enough food and water to maintain your health. SRI recognizes this key feature as very important and wants to put effort into it, as far as plausible. In 2015 the government has made sure that a nurse post has been placed inside Okana, saving a trip to the next post 7 km away. A threat to the health is of course always available, looking at the surrounding with all the thorns, but also the unreliable water sources, etc.

Education Support

Investing in education is the single most effective means of reducing poverty and securing the sustainability of rural societies. Our program on education is committed to the promotion of education as a fundamental human right and an enabler of individuals and communities. We support academically gifted students, especially girls, from poor families to attain secondary school and college education. Though we also fund boys, we put more focus on girls as it is proven that educating girls is the most effective and powerful ways of addressing poverty and creating sustainable societies. Suitably qualified and eligible candidates apply by filling in the requisite application forms and have to include necessary certificates confirming past academic qualifications, a recommendation letter as outlined in the application form, a birth certificate, letter of admission to the training for which funding is requested and evidence of need e.g. being an orphan or from a needy background. A committee vets the applications and selects the students to be funded based on expressed needs and the funds available. If need be, the selected students could be further interviewed by the selection committee for further verification of details. Canvassing or giving false information by or on behalf of the candidate leads to disqualification. SRI makes direct payments to the respective institutions where successful students have been admitted for studies.

Skills Development & Entrepreneurship

We aim at building key knowledge and skills amongst community groups to ensure that they can have improved livelihoods, enhance their skills and other interventions. Our skills development efforts mainly target the organized groups of youths and women to provide them with skills and knowledge aimed at creating new jobs and enhanced incomes.We offer tailored practical training, workshops, internships, and seminars. We accompany skills development with knowledge of business development and entrepreneurship to enable them to build businesses that create jobs, income and economic opportunities for themselves, their families and communities. In this, our work focuses on identifying promising business opportunities with a positive economic role for the impact on the rural poor and which relates to attained skills. Our approach is to work with high performing people who can share their vision and approaches to generate sustainable solutions to poverty. We do this through our belief and commitment to hard work, creativity and leveraging the dynamism of talented people. We will enhance their business knowledge through;

i. Practical business skills training including finance, people management, legal and IT.
ii. Business coaching and mentoring to guide entrepreneurs
iii. Networking opportunities with successful community entrepreneurs
iv. Financing opportunities for business growth

Our aim through this is to contribute to wealth creation and create more job opportunities in the surrounding areas. In this, we work with established youth groups and individuals who have demonstrated an interest in any of the skills development areas.