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Sustainability and ecological practices are central to our work. Rural communities such as Okana depend on agriculture for most of their livelihoods. They also depend on their environment for wood fuel used in the homes. Agriculture and environment go hand in hand and play a key role not only in food production and healthy living but also on environmental conservation and responding to the ravages of climate change. We work with rural community groups including youths and school children to on sustainable agriculture and conservation of the environment for future generations. Our interventions include:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Conservation (SRI Tree nursery, Bamboo project)
  • Kitchen garden project 
  • School gardens 
  • Skills and knowledge sharing 
  • Value chains and entrepreneurship trainings

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We have achieved the following;

  • Established 16 demonstration plots
  • Planted 2000 trees
  • Established a tree nursery
  • Acquired 100 solar panels and installed 18
  • Introduced several fruit and vegetable varieties on the farm
  • Established the poultry project
  • IGA was established in Agriculture

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