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SRI acknowledges education as the most important tool for transforming societies. Within the rural setting in our operations, there are many families facing challenges to education such as lack of school fees or inaccessibility to affordable, quality education. Coupled with that is a high turnover of youthful school leavers and dropouts with no tangible life skills to sustain them in order that they can be productive members of society. This has often led to challenges in young people resorting to crime or alcohol and substance abuse, making them become a burden to society. 

Education support

We support our eight partner schools through;

  • Strengthen teaching and learning, school leadership, and management.
  • Equipment and facilities.
  • Scholarships and bursaries for needy students.
  • Community dialogues and other school projects.
  • Integrating ICTs in Education
  • Learning through Play 
  • Community library

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Skills Development

Most rural youths and women lack employable skills. In rural areas, only 5% of youths proceed to higher levels of learning. There are thus high dropout rates from formal learning. While we encourage and support formal education and training, we have to also equip youths and women, who opt not to continue with academic learning with technical and vocational skills to enhance their employability. We have established workshops for skills training and adopted accredited Competency-Based Curricula (CBC) approved by the Technical, Vocational Education, and Training Authority (TVET). SRI offers training on:

  • Carpentry and joinery 
  • Tailoring and dress-making 
  • Organic agriculture 
  • ICT training 
  • Skills acceleration projects

These trainings are offered through the SRI Vocational Training Centre which was registered in 2020.

We have achieved the following;

  • Supported 23 students in the scholarship program. 4 students from the program are currently in University.
  • Registered with TVET and CDAC
  • Established skills workshop for carpentry and tailoring
  • Developed approved training programs for carpentry, joinery, and tailoring.
  • Acquired state-of-the-art carpentry and tailoring equipment.
  • Trained 25 youth in carpentry
  • Trained 20 women in tailoring
  • Held 9 ICT training sessions.
  • Established an operational community library with 1500 books.
  • Registered 42 community members as library users.

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